Monday, September 7, 2009


So between getting braces, screwing up a muscle in my back, and booking shows like there isn't one thing wrong at all, has taken a bit of a toll on me. Oh no , don't freak out, I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. I simply feel that I need to explain why my response time to emails, texts, and messages has been longer than usual.

I'm tired. Period. That's all kids. Im just very exhausted lately, thanks to pain in my back and teeth. It's nothing personal, and please know that I NEVER ignore messages or any sort of contact with me. I will get back to you. It may take a couple of days, But I will get with you soon! And also know that posting this is not to deter anyone from asking me for custom pasties or costume work or burlesque performances. Please keep it coming! Like I said, I never slow down.

I have been catching up on my pastie making this weekend. I hope to have a batch to photograph to upload to my etsy site! However that eased laundry out of the picture. *sigh* I need a maid to help me get caught up on the house work. I can always find much more lucrative things to do than house work.
-Black Mariah

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