Friday, July 31, 2009

There are signs

Yesterday, I went to the gym and upon weighing myself, saw that I had lost another 1.5 pounds for a total of 6 pounds! I rewarded myself with a 3 mile run.

How are you doing in the gym? Are you pushing yourself each visit? Are you drinking plenty of water?

Results are not all from being in the gym. Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle of plenty of sleep, exercise and nutrition are all factors in overall physical well being.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Save the Tatas

OK I have 501st Royal Guard on board for this show and he is comin out wearing pink head to toe. I want to see ALL fans of burlesque coming out to support this evening of burlesque to help raise funds for participants in the Susan G Komen 3 Day- 60 mile walk for the Cure! Tickets are $25 dollars this time only to generate the funds these girls need , but we know you guys are there to help us out. You always have been. PLease call the theatre to reserve your seats for the show! Show is August 21st and 22nd.
Pretty in Pink

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is the confessional, Right?

OK I broke up with America's Got Talent and forbid myself from watching More to Love. Guess where my channels were tonight?

A phone call alerted me to a burlesque troupe from San Fransisco named the Lollipop Girls who had made it through on "America's Got Talent". Great, name is close enough, now I have to watch. So Im a channel surfer too, and I flipped the channel during commercials to none other than, More to Love. Ugh.

I have to say, the women on "More to Love" are stunningly beautiful. They make curvy look gorgeous! And I did not see that the show had incorporated a food challenge, which if that happens, I may explode.

Can you follow me?

When I arrived at my gym, I immediately weighed myself to see my progress. I had lost 2 pounds! That was motivation enough to make me run 2 miles. Poured sweat ! I also did a hardcore thigh and glutes strength training while reading People magazine. Multitasking !

Tip: I find it best to weigh in and check my BMI before I work out since I tend to consume massive amounts of water during my workout. That will add weight to the scales as well as make the BMI reading kinda wonky.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today at the Libertine at 2PM, Burlesque Happy Hour! All tassle twirlers and non tassle twirlers welcome!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More to Love?

Yeah. I know.

The first few promos for this show seemed releatively harmless and benign. The promos including some of the girls confessions or one on ones totally did me in fo this show.

Now look, Im not a big reality show person at all. I like the dance/talent shows, which is a given because I am a dancer. Frustrating as they are I still watch them, and swear I will quit them at the end of each season. I LOVE COPS. Good guy wins every time. These shows about finding love, or having a camera in your bathroom, or following kids who are 16 and pregnant, not so much. I digress.

Fox's promos that include the girls on camera confessions or interviews just KILLED it for me. I haven't even seen the show and I am already offended! The premise of finding love , on a TV show, on camera, when you only have 20 to choose from is mind boggling to me. I am married and I swear I had to date every jerk in my area code before I found a really good one. To take the love on tv premise one step further and make the show about "full figured women", well I might have watched until the montage of the women speaking about how difficult it is to find love when you are larger sized woman.....Really? No it's not. The tag lines for the show insinuate that this show will PROVE that full size people can find love. Aww thats sweet. Wait but the bachelor is a large guy? So what are they saying. Pair the fatties together and the skinnies together? Um are they saying the full figured women have dug through the barrel and all they can get is the big guy? WTF? Love isn't blind. It's produced, packaged and promoed to suspend your disbeleif! I certainly hope none of the larger women I know are going ot buy into this crap. Please do not buy into the hype. Love is no harder to find for a full figured woman than it is for anyone else. We all have some sort of handicaps that potential mates must contend with or accept. Bad skin, bad teeth, bad credit, ex- wives with children, any of the above are superficial but on some level, a reason for or against dating someone. Holy crap, let's just set society back about 20 years. Hey maybe next season they can have a BLACK Bachelor or Bachelorette! No one has thought of THAT before! Then maybe they can paint a picture of how difficult it is for african americans to find love. No wait, we had "Flavor of Love." At least the parade of women on THAT show was diverse.

The jury is still out on "Biggest Loser". It is a very inspiring show, but I'm still not convinced that anyone can lose that much weight without some sort of skin tucking surgery. I know better because extra skin after extreme weight loss IS REALITY!

A Better You

I think fear is a sad motivator, but a very real one. I am the "curvy girl" of burlesque here in Dallas and I am proud to carry that torch. I do not, however, want to give young ladies the impression that "curvy" is an excusable term to be used in place of obese.

I have a new goal. I have begun a workout regiment and I want to represent a healthy full figured woman for my fans. So starting now I am going to post my workouts and how it is affecting my shape and wieght loss/ muscle growth.

No more excuses. I am an asthmatic overweight girl and I am going at it full steam. I dont want you ladies to hurt yourselves, so lets all take it slow at first. our goal will be to work up to 60 minutes a day. 60 minutes of moderate, heart rate increasing excercise. If you ahve never workedout before maybe begin with 2 30 minutes sessions at a time. Walking is a good start becaise everyone can do that. I am also looking into which is a HIIT workout. Its very intense we will begin at four minutes to begin with. You will be surprised at how exausting even four minutes will be.

SO far with cardio and weight lifting I have lost 2 pounds. Its a start. I want to get rid of the buddhaa belly I have developed from being out of the gym after I ripped my shoulder.

I also got braces. Nothing like saving your akward period for your thirties. Thankfully I have had tem on a week and I can already tell that teeth are moving around. Good stuff!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shaping your universe

To shimmy, to shake, to thrust, to arebesque (sp?)........what's a girl in pasties to do with herself at a buffet of dance ready for our own interpretations?

So being the "curvy girl" in the Dallas burlesque scene, I see myself as a dancer that wants much more technique in her life, but am limited by the lack of training. I took dance when I was younger, much younger. It was a natural progression as I think I have been wiggling and gyrating since I could walk. I grew up watching MTV, Solid Gold, and American Bandstand, emulating the pop stars and dancers I loved. My mom was a single mom, so needless to say, she was out a lot, working sometimes two jobs. Now we condemn mothers for letting the TV babysit their children. For me, Time alone with the the boob tube of sensory overload was the best thing that ever happened to me.

So back to dance class. Once there was a little girl with a terrible case of asthma that desperately wanted to be so active but was limited by the limp lungs. I begged and pleaded with my mother to allow me to take 2 dance classes over the summer. I took jazz and tap. Don't laugh. I never missed a class and at the end of the year we had recital. It was BIG DEAL. We were performing at the historic Tennessee Theater. The theater was huge, the backstage area was endless. I was so excited and wondered if I could live up to the prestige of the Tennessee Theater (yeah I was 9, didn't really get that this was probably going to only be parents) So our teachers lined us up to measure us for our costumes. I don't know where I was in line, but I remember the teacher strapping the measuring tape around my waist and hips and dropping her voice in this judgemental tone to blurt out "Adult SMALL". I was mortified. I was only 9 and I hadn't paid any mind to the sizes the other girls fell into, but her tone and attitude told me that the size I fell into was perfectly unacceptable. I didn't think I was chubby, er maybe I was. If I was, I wasn't aware of it until right then, with 11 other sets of eyes gawking at me.

OH this wasn't written as a pity story, so don't fret. Yes it's sad, but you should have seen the costume that tart made us wear. THAT was the real tragedy. Black Spandex crop pants with neon hot pink sequin trim around the bottom. The waist was so huge, it must have come up to just below by nonexistent bewbs. then there was the top. OH GOD! Black and white zebra print tunic with the same neon hot pink trim around the waist and sleeves. It was cut huge, super baggy, not unlike anything else in the 80's. Seems like there was a neon pink headband but I may have trauma blocked that. Headband as in around the forehead, not one that would be utilitarian in holding ones hair back and in place. Hideous. And then those horrible black jazz shoes. GAG! I was the whitest person in Tennessee and wearing zebra print, black pants and black shoes. The horror.

Truth is I have resented that moment in my life. For a long time I resented that teacher for making a child feel like she wasn't worthy of the stage for something as petty as her size. Then I was angry with myself, for giving that teacher permission to make me feel like I wasn't good enough, and not going back the next semester and proving that hag wrong.

Many moons have passed and I am now thankful that moment happened to me. It was a moment that showed me how shallow people can be, and that not everyone who works with children, should. That moment made me who I am. Yes I didn't go back. I wished I had stuck with dance and maybe I would be amazing today. Maybe not. Maybe technique would not have been the end result. Maybe I would have walked away from that experience a shallow, self absorbed creature with no sensitivity to the frailty of others. I am still the curvy girl, and I was meant to be so. I am sure that if I were the same size as many other dancers, I would just be another face in the crowd.

Sometimes the biggest and best impressions are left by those who AREN'T in our lives.

Love yourselves. Love your body. Love the story your body needs to tell and tell it like Shakespeare would have. Seek the people who will uplift you without putting others down . Become the best you that you could ever hope to be.


All the Cool Kids are doing it.

I didnt mean to make a blog, it was an accident. I meant to comment on my friend Vivienne's post, but here I am. I guess it was inevitable.