Sunday, August 23, 2009

You want Pasties? I got em!

So I finally just went ahead and opened an etsy shop for my pastie creations. I will have various sizes and shaped and there is an option for custom pasties. I don't have anything listed at this moment, but I am going to photograph my inventory and list them all today, so I should have things for you to buy by this evening.

Who wants PASTIES!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wardrobe malfunction.

So last night I had a first. I put my gloves on for my fan number nad realized one of the piies was still rolled inside of the glove. OH dear. I heard my soundbyte playing and knew I was seconds away from the music starting. I struggled to get the finger out and with my other hand gloved, it was impossible. I sucked it up and got out to my fan chair and just did the number with four gloved fingers on my right hand, and my pinky rolled up against my hand. The strength it took to keep from laughing was amazing. My first glove removal was that right hand and I was sure once I starated taking each finger off with my teeth that everyone would notice I only had four fingers.......not one person caught it.

When clothes give you hell, just keep moving and taking them off.
*wiping brow*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Did you know that I make pasties? Did you know that I make damn awesome pasties?

Did you know that I specialize in "super spinner" pasties?

Yes Ma'am. Guaranteed to spin with ease, all of my super spinners start at $20.00 per pair and once you top that with swarovski's, well you have to call for pricing on those. Here are some scrumptious photos. I make custom shapes and sizes as well. Just so you know. Stop by the merch booth at the Lollies show this weekend and check out my sweet creations. Toppings for your top! You can email me at blackmariahdallas@gmaildotcom if you would like a custom set created just for you. order a set. See the sparkley pictures!

Been a minute

I know you think I am dropping the ball with my blog posts, but the truth is, I have so much to say, that I have to edit my thoughts before I sit down to the keyboard, or I'm a terrible example of "on the brain, out the mouth".

I want this blog to be incredibley uplifting, challenging and positive. I want everyone who reads it to take something away that they did not have or know before. I want so much to influence the Dallas (and anyone else in any city who reads) burlesque scene in a positive way. There are topics that I feel need to be discussed, but I know that someone, somewhere, will take it personally and then there is all the gas poured onto and open flame....lovely. Understand that many of the things I discuss may have been born from real life experience, so yes, the posibility is apparent that I could be referring to a situation that really occured. Its nothing personal, I just think we could, and should, learn from life, because someone lost the manual. So that being said. I promise to address issues and topics in an open, honest, tasteful manner, if everyone promises not to take it personally and send me emails asking if the post is about them or if I am mad at them. K? Luv ya.

First topic up We have a shitty economy today and many people are finding themselves without work. In a down economy , we not only have to be frugle with out funds, but also carefully manage our buisness so that it is always creating a great product, and it is always making money.

Burlesque is a business. Period. Whether its your part time, or your full-time, or your second job, it is a business, as opposed to a charity. Anything you do well, you should get paid to do well. Here in Dallas the number of burlesque dancers vying for stage time has more than quadrupled in less than a year. This is great in that many women are taking control of their inhibitions and just going for it. They are following their hearts. The down side to this is that there are more tassle twirlers than you can shake a stick at, all vying for stage time.

My concern is for newer burlesque dancers. The ladies who have debuted within or somewhat around the past year or so. Those ladies are in an awkward position of coming into the performance arena behind many dancers who have already blazed a path of success for themselves. Many will an do feel that they have to "get their name out there" or "get some exposure". Many times Dancers think that they have not earned themselves the right to equal pay with their veteran sisters due to their freshman status. This creates a small vaccuum of potential for "undercutting". Undercutting is the phenomenon that occurs between a vendor providing a service at one price, and a competing vendor providing the same TYPE of service at a much lower price. Notice TYPE is in bold letters as this is to clarify that the two vendors may not provide the exact same product, or even the same quality, but to the client, they are only looking for the end product.

Many new burlesque dancers undercut their competition completely unintentionally, so desperate to get stage time, but feeling like they are not worthy of the pay scale of the veteran performers on the bill. Not true ladies. Once you have begun to invest the time and funds into your craft, you deserve some sort of reimbursement for your effort. Even if it is on the low end of the pay spectrum in your area. Performing for free or for barely any pay at all simpley encourages producers to forfeit the potential hiring of veteran performers who have earned their pay rate through years of performance, to alternately hire someone who will work for pennies. This is the very definition of undercutting, and performers cannot pay their bills or invest in new items for their performance if they are being undercut.

many priducers bank on this phenomenon and love to ask new dancers for a performance in exchange for "exposure". While this is not unheard of as sometimes the exchange rate is well worth the money you would have made for the gig, a dancer SHOULD be reimbursed SOMETHING. Gas, bar tab, valet service, hotel accomidations, just get payment of something. This obligates the producer to take care of his investment. For example, the producer has agreed to pay for your hotel which costs X amount of dollars, when you complain that there is no dressing room per the agreement, said producer will be more likely to accomidate you with a dressing area of some sorts if he just flipped $50 bucks for your gas money, he wants a return on his investment as much as you do. The producer you perform for, with the exchange of only "exposure", will not care what your issue might be with the performance, and has no investment if you decide to walk.

A good producer should never ask any performer, burlesque or no, to perform for exposure, especially when a cover charge is being collected at the door. If you are talent, you need to be paid for it. Period.